Novotel Al Dana Resort and Hotel

A $27 million resort Hotel has been being built on the Manama Coast at the southern side of the Manama Muharraq lagoon.

The traditional Arabic and Western Design it consists of three restaurants, a diving centre 500-cubic meter swimming pool, three gyms, a private beach, water sports, shops, boutiques and a business centre.

Novotel comes under the umbrella of parent company Accor Hotels, which operates 3,800 hotels worldwide.

EMCO was selected to design, supply and install the Electrical (HV and LV) Air-condition. Plumbing, Drainage, Fire Fighting, Building Management System and Low Voltage Systems.

We recommend and install environmentally – friendly products and systems as part of our commitment to a greener world. At the Novotel Al Dana Resort, we specified Dunham-Bush chillers. Because of their low electricity consumption, each unit is capable of saving enough electricity to pay for itself within five years and their other benefits are reliability, low maintenance and longevity. Dunham-Bush screw type chillers have been used in Bahrain for 35 years, and their reliability has been well proven.

The company also used environmentally-friendly ABS and Ecoflex flexible pre insulated piping systems for chilled water and domestic water systems throughout the resort. Installed a Honeywell Building Management Systems, which is recognized as one of the best system in the world. The system, based on LON WORKS technology, is said to offer:

•    Improved functionality and comfort through cross vendor inter-operation:
•    Reduced energy cost  through inter-operation with different applications:
•    Simplified installation and lower wiring costs through common cabling:
•    Installation flexibility to meet changing automation needs.

Historical Arabian style these beachfront properties  are neoclassical Arabic, resplendent in the textures and colour of the middle east.

Each of the hotels, rooms and suites are overlooking the beachfront.