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Trade Centre to be powered by wind

The BD 35 million Bahrain World Trade Centre (BWTC) will become the first building of its kind in the world to use wind power for energy production, it was revealed yesterday.

Three wind turbines will be installed at a cost of BD 1 million, officials told a Press conference at the Sheraton Tower.

The BWTC building has been designed to harness the onshore breeze of the Gulf using three massive turbines, said Shaun Killa, Atkins principal design architect and designer of the building.

The "wing" profile of the towers will channel the airflow through the turbines, improving their function and energy generation output, he explained.

The three turbines, each supported by a 30-metre bridge spanning between the two towers, will be connected to generators and feed power to the building.

This will reduce load on external power sources and mean financial benefits to the building occupants, said Mr Kill‘Atkins' architecture for the BWTC focused on providing an elegant and easily recognizable form for Bahrain's key international business institution," he said.

"It is an internationally accepted fact that developments which embrace solutions for conserving energy and the environment can be commercially sustainable.

"Clean, renewable and without any greenhouse or gas emissions, wind energy has been hailed worldwide as being the future of energy production."

Meanwhile, DTZ Middle East regional manager Robin Williamson said the BWTC would be recognized as a landmark throughout the region.

"The addition of the turbines will further enhance its profile and put it on the global map," he added.

"it is estimated that the turbines will produce about 35 per cent of the total power required for the building.

"As leasing and managing agents for BWTC, DTZ is very excited to be associated with a scheme of this nature."

Rising over 240 metres, the BWTC will provide stunning views of Bahrain, said DTZ Bahrain associate director Duaij Al Rumaihi.

"Its unique architecture - complete with the three turbines - inspired by the traditional Arabian wind towers will serve as a model for an environmentally friendly society, "he added.

The total cost of the BWTC is estimated at BD 35 million, said Nizar Ahamed, senior cost manager for HAJ (Hisham Abdulrahman Jaffer), quantity surveyors, project co-ordinators and client representatives.

The frames and structures of the 50-storey towers are halfway finished with the completion of 25 floors, said Will Nolan, project director of Nass-Murray & Roberts.

The whole BWTC project is expected to be completed by next summer.


  • Pictured with a model of the BWTC and the wind turbines are, from left, Mr Williamson, Mr Thorbek and Ole Sangill, Director and Managing Partner of Denmark-based Norwin Wind Turbine Technologies.


  • At the Press conference, from left, are Mr Al Rumaihi, Mr Williamson, DTZ public relations and marketing manager Erica Lord, Mr Killa, Ramboll project manager Lars Thorbek, Mr Ahamed, Xpand representative Mohammed Taib and Mr Nolan


Gulf Daily News - Tuesday 13th September, 2005